Saturday, October 6, 2012

Crock Pot Beef & Broccoli

 Here is a recipe from my Pinterest Board ~ Diet Shmiet.
I have been on a mission to test out some of the recipes that I have pinned and give you my honest feedback.
You can find the recipe for this easy Beef and Broccoli here.  I read a lot of the comments on this recipe which maybe wasn't a good idea... it made me a little nervous knowing that some people loved this recipe while other readers had trouble with it.  I didn't know that beef and broccoli could be so complicated!

Anyway I substituted oyster sauce for 1/2 the soy sauce and used low sodium soy sauce to make sure that we didn't turn our beef into jerky. 
Results?  It was good.  Not great but still yummy and an easy meal that made the house smell awesome all afternoon.
 I plan on making this again but tweaking the recipe enough to make it our own and something worthy of a "lets make that again". 
I give this recipe two spoons out of five.
Have you got an amazing Beef and Broccoli recipe?
xo Heather

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